Employee Spotlight: Craig Trumbull

Meet Craig Trumbull!

Craig has worked at Musictoday for six years in the Accounting Department. He works with our client settlements, accounts payable and accounts receivable specialists, and assists with month end closings. Craig also helps to “put out fires” as they arise in the department, helping to solve problems.

What is your current role and how would you describe the evolution of your roles at the company?
Accounting Manager – a series of incremental developments.

Describe your typical work day.
My typical day starts between 8-8:30am.  Reviewing emails is followed by establishing the day’s priorities and touching base with those with whom I work to determine if there are other priorities that need attention as well.  It then melds into shepherding issues that arise as I address my priorities. I generally leave somewhere between 6-7pm.

How has working from home affected your workday?
Working from home shortened my commute, but a few months ago I resumed working in the office.

Do you have any pro tips for working remotely?
Stay engaged with those in your department and other colleagues.

How do you spend your free time these days?
Running, taking long walks/hikes with my dear wife Amy, woodworking, volunteering and playing with our grandchildren.

What is your favorite type of music to listen to?
Eclectic – ranging from Miles Davis to The Dead, Allman Brothers, Bruce, Fleetwood Mac, JT, et al

First concert?
Summer Jam 1973 (Watkins Glen, NY) One day festival featuring The Band, the Grateful Dead & the Allman Brothers with all three bands jamming after midnight entertaining the 600,000 fans in attendance! Quite an event!

Do you have a favorite memory from your time at Musictoday?
A tie – A Concert for Charlottesville (09/24/17) and helping to reinstall the “Musictoday” sign out front on April 1, 2017.

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About the Author: Maddison Fauth is a Marketing Coordinator at Musictoday. She assists with projects throughout the marketing department, but concentrates on email marketing, corporate content, and affiliate marketing.